Tools for Installing Window Treatments

The truth is that you really don't need any fancy tools to install window treatments. If you are willing to suffer a bit you can do it with nothing but a screwdriver, tape measure and a pair of scissors or a knife. Well those and a good supply of your favorite adult beverage which you will surely need by the time you are done.

Picture of suggested tool kit.

Now if you want to install them more or less painlessly you will need:
* Variable speed reversible drill (cordless preferred)
* The proper bits for the screws or proper screws for your bits.
* Tape measure
* Flat blade screwdriver
* Pliers

Possible optional items:
* 3/8" drill bit for plaster & lathe walls
* Tapcon™ bit for masonry walls when using Tapcon™ screws

Chances are good that you already own everything on the required list with the possible exception of the proper bit for the screws. The entire better grade of window hardware makers is shipping their products with hex-head combo screws because the hex-head screw with an attached washer has better holding power and less risk of spin out during installation. Several different hex-head combos are shown below. Pictured from left to right are Hex/slotted combo, Hex/phillips combo, and Hex/square/slotted combo.

Picture of a slotted hex head combo screw. Picture of a phillips hex head combo screw Picture of a square drive hex head combo screw.

Of the three screws shown above, the most common, the slotted combo is the most difficult to install or remove with a normal screwdriver. The slot just isn't deep enough to grip well. All of these can be hand installed using a standard 1/4" nut driver sold in the screw driver section of any hardware store.

The 1/4" hex-head magnetic bit will hold the screw firmly in place. You can buy an inexpensive hex head socket for two - three dollars. A quality one with a six inch, one piece shaft like the one shown in the picture below is about six dollars.

Picture of a 6 inch hex-head bit for a cordless drill

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