Sprinkler Repairs Again!

A Guest article By: Sprinkler Buddy

Sprinkler Buddy™ Might Just be the Answer Your Looking For.

Picture the inventors of Sprinkler Buddy As a "DIY" kind of guy, I love the feeling of getting the job done right and knowing I saved a few bucks by not having to call in a professional.

We all know we can save some money by doing those little honey do's ourselves most of the time. If you're like me, you hope it's the last time you need to fix that honey do for awhile. Being a lawn care professional, there used to be one honey do I dreaded time after time. You may have guessed it by the title, "Sprinkler Repairs Again!"

It never failed, year after year, I would have customers call to ask me if I could come by to adjust or fix a sprinkler head that isn't working right. I'll be the first to tell you, I'm no irrigation expert, but I can change a sprinkler head and other minor repairs as needed. I always help my customers out because they are my customers as well as my friends. I couldn't stand the thought of them having to pay a true irrigation professional to come out, knowing what they often charge. I live in a small rural town. We have no local irrigation professionals, that makes it that much more expensive to have one come out from a neighboring town.

Call me a sucker but I would often only charge my customers the cost of the sprinkler head or the materials needed to fix the problem being that it was probably my mower tires that have caused the damage to begin with. Not that I feel I was to blame, it's hard to avoid something you can't see.

Now, all that has changed! I now use my invention, the Sprinkler Buddy™ , on those sprinkler heads that used to get broken time after time. Picture of Sprinkler Buddy in use No more "honey do calls" for sprinkler repairs. When I'm mowing now, I feel good every time I go by a sprinkler head that has my Sprinkler Buddy installed on it. I giggle to myself and think; I'll see you Next Time Too, Thanks to the Sprinkler Buddy!

RyRo, Inc. manufactures the Sprinkler Buddy in the USA out of a very durable yet flexible material. I also have added the highest UV package that's available so it will hold up in all weather conditions and make it a longer lasting product. Its simple patented insert design makes it easy for the DIY to install on any of the rotor or spray heads made from the various sprinkler heads manufactures found on the market today.

Good luck on your next DIY project.

Keep Safe - Shut off the Power if you're Doing Electrical Work!

About the author: Sprinkler Buddy™ is a Florida based company doing business on the World Wide Web. If you would like to know more about the Sprinkler Buddy and what it can do for you, visit the company website.www.sprinklerbuddy.com

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